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Social Media Marketing for Travel Brands and ServicesSocial Media Marketing for Travel Brands and Services

Why Travel Brands Need to Book Social Media on their Itineraries Social Media Marketing for Travel Brands and Services The recent increase in the number of people going online to research and plan their vacations has prompted travel brands to develop a solid digital presence. Although some are still testing the waters, many travel brands have already made social media an integral part of their marketing strategy. Techsavvy travel agencies are looking to make their websites a onestop shop for users who want all travel related information in one place.

Whether it is lastminute travel tips, destination information or attractive offers, everything is just a click away. According to the Digital Travel Content and User Experience Survey conducted by Frommer’s Unlimited: Almost rd of travel marketing companies are planning to increase their social media marketing spend in . The budgets for general travel content and mobile marketing are likely to increase by and respectively. Digital Travel Content and User Experience Survey of the demographic said that they would share their travel experiences online via Facebook; twitter and travel blogs accounted for and of usage respectively.

of the respondents said that they would look online for information about their holiday destination ‘before deciding where to go. The recent spurt in the number of travelers going online to plan trips and research holiday destinations has made social media an attractive avenue for travel brands. Here are some more reasons why the travel business is going social: Techsavvy travel agencies are using social media to communicate with potential customers and keep existing customers updated with the latest offers and information.

Increasing brand visibility is also a high priority for many travel companies. Using social media monitoring tools such as Brand Monitor, brands are a keeping a tab on travel recommendations by existing customers to their friends b studying the impact of their online marketing strategy and how well it has been received by customers c understanding what is important to travelers and anticipating their needs and d monitoring their brand’s position within all the online channels and networks. Many travel companies are using social media for providing valuable content, which will establish their expertise over time, subsequently boosting traffic and revenue.